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Voices of Empowerment: Union Success Stories at New Flyer

New Flyer workers in Minnesota discuss life after forming a union with IUE-CWA. 

Matt Lelou testimonial

Matt Lelou

I love my union because I get guaranteed raises in the future. My steward addresses concerns with the company without fear of any retaliation. The overtime protections with advance notice and doubletime pay on Saturdays is great too.

Abiodun Bamisile testimonial

Abiodun Bamsile

I like working for a Union company. Unions can be a wonderful entity that will fight for all workers. My union fights for workers like myself.

April Goodrow testimonial

April Goodrow

I am CWA union proud. I love being in the union because I get higher wages, better benefits, and a union steward works on my behalf if I have a personal issue with my employer.

Michael Krugman testimonial

Michael Krugman

I love my union because my healthcare costs have only gone down in the last five years. My union is an important tool to make sure my boss treats me fairly. I'd rather spend my weekends with my family, and I can do that thanks to my union.

Wade Walvatne testimonial

Wade Walvatne

Being a part of our union provides all of us a premise to bargain for fair compensation, benefits, and work-life balance. The company doesn’t just hand these things out. We can organize to get a fair share from our own labor.

Brenda Schroeder testimonial

Brenda Schroeder

I was born in Guatemala. I have worked at places where there is no union and I can tell you that there is a big difference. Wages are better, we get double time for Saturdays, we get 4th of July week off. I Love having that week off because it's when we get to plan our yearly family vacation. There are so many other benefits we enjoy that without our Union we wouldn't  have.