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Q: What is the cost of dues?  
Once we vote on and secure the benefits of a union contract, then workers begin contributing to our dues. Dues are only 1.3% of our base pay, which comes out to 2 hours (of our base pay) per month. No dues on overtime, and no retroactive dues.

Dues are the way that workers collectively pool our resources together so we can afford to bargain contracts, legally protect workers, and organize our workplaces. Dues can never be used for political organizing, it’s against federal law. Remember, dues = power!

Q: Do Unions protect lazy workers? 
Absolutely not. Our union will be run by us, the workers at New Flyer. We will use our union to negotiate for higher wages, better benefits, and to have a voice over safety, promotions, vacation, and to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and has representation.

Q: I really like my boss, is this union for me? 
If you like your boss, that is great. This is what we all strive for. Our union does a whole lot more than protect workers from unjust treatment by bad bosses. Wages, health benefits, retirement, and much, much more are strengthened when we have a collective voice at work.

Q: Do my dues go to support Democrats? 
No. Union members across the country voluntarily donate extra money towards PAF (Political Action Fund) to support pro-worker candidates and legislation. We will support whoever protects workers’ rights, be they Democrat or Republican. It is against Federal law to use any member dues money to support political organizing.

Q: Does the union care if I am a Republican or Democrat? 
No matter your political affiliation, you are welcome in our union! CWA has 500,000 members across the country, lots of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Everyone is welcome. Unions are as American as Apple pie, and everyone should feel comfortable in our union.

Q: Is the union an outside party, why do we need this here? 
We are the union! Unions are democracies. We will elect our representatives, negotiate contracts, and meet directly with management. Our union empowers members to have a more direct and equal relationship with management.

Q: Will we be forced to strike? 
No one will be forced to strike. Strikes can only happen if a majority of us vote to authorize a strike. And they are very rare. In fact, in over 99% of negotiations, there isn’t even a threat of a strike.

Q: I just got a raise. Will I get another one? 
Union members bargained for significantly higher wages and better benefits. Yes, it’s very likely if you form a union, that you’ll be able to bargain a contract with much higher wages like union members in Minnesota.

Q: Will my benefits change? 
Union members have also negotiated significantly lower healthcare costs and better benefits overall. Joining our union will ensure that you have the right to negotiate your benefits with your employer, and make changes for the better!

Q: Who will be our union reps on the shop floor? 
New Flyer workers will elect our own shop stewards to represent us. Our union offers great training for stewards, so they have the tools and power to enforce the contract on the shop floor.

Q: I want to help build a strong union, what can I do? 
It takes all of us to build a strong union. We welcome your active involvement. To get involved, just email us at or text Eric at 347-820-1583.